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 With the ongoing war against terrorism, as well
   as memories of past conflicts such as world war I & II, Korea,
   Vietnam, Gulf War, Afghanistan, and now Iraq.

We are reminded that America’s victories and our efforts to

   secure our nations freedom do not come without a cost.

  They have fought and won through the blood, sweat, and tears of
   thousands of brave men and woman in the United States Military,
   who believe in our nation, it’s people, and our collective future.

   Q.T.M. recognizes the sacrifices that our troops, veterans and the
   families that they left behind made.

  For generations, our nations troops and veterans have selflessly
   stood in harms way as guardians of our most fundamental
   freedoms – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  Q.T.M. Will support America’s sons and daughters, those

   wounded and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our    country, and our countries freedom.

  With your help and generosity, Q.T.M. Will donate 20% of The
Profits for each Item sold to the Fisherhouse Foundation ,
to help support their families.


20% of all profits will be Donated to FisherHouse to support our Wounded & Fallen Vets, Troops & there Families.
Ask Yourself: What would I do if this was me?, crippled for life, no help in sight, about to lose All you worked for all your life, your home, car, job, and more. Thats why we are helping them, because they gave all to their country and for our freedom.