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 Quality Time Merchandise Co. has been building since 2009 and launched in 2011.

  We are very excited in our long term plan to help hundreds of thousands of our   wounded vets, troops & their families in their time of need as they adjust to life   with various injuries endured while serving our country. We will love your help
  to accomplish this.

20% of all profits going to the Fisher House Foundation, which is a great   organization helping the wounded vets & their families.  We all know of someone   in our life that serves in our armed forces protecting our freedom 24 hours a day.   We also know of someone who were killed or wounded serving our great country   and keeping it free so we can live our dreams.
  Q.T.M. has seen a need to support our troops and their families in their time of   need.
  With the ongoing war against terrorism, we are reminded that America’s victories
  and our efforts to secure our nations freedom do not come without a cost.

Q.T.M. recognizes the sacrifices that our troops, veterans and the families that   they left behind made.

  Quality Time Merchandise is producing quality products to support our wounded   vets and troops and their families. We will be adding more variety of items as

  soon   as we can to keep you coming back for more to continue helping us   contribute to Fisher House to help our troops.


 We want to greatly thank you for visiting our website & purchasing our products   to help our wounded troops and their families.

  Thank You and God Bless America and all those who serve.